A Turtle's Attitude Rocks

Success is always there with everyone but we just have to apply some tricks, have to have patience and that faith inside us.

Learning it and applying it in daily life is the best way to achieve SUCCESS. There are several things from where we can learn it in best way. I have learnt one simple lesson from very special being.

My life is influenced somewhat by Uncle Sam. He was the part of our family for 8 years and 5 months. It's sad to say that he is no more with us, he departed for heavens few months back. But what ever I have learnt from him is just amazing.

Routine of Uncle Sam: It's 7 am, time to wake up and take him out in garden. Sometimes if we get late than he himself would come to our door and knock the door with his little nails. The time is 4 pm now, time to get food for Uncle Sam, we just need to sit down on stairs and have to make the noise with the knife on floor, it was his alarm. He eats and goes back to his place or again take a walk in the garden. At 6 pm, he is sleepy-sleepy. Entire day, what ever activities he does, is on the set time-table, with all his patience and calmness.

A Turtle's Attitude Rocks
A Turtle's Attitude Rocks

Uncle Sam was no one else but a turtle, my pet. Today, I have learnt how to be punctual at work, have extreme patience and peace of mind at work too. Uncle Sam, or for that matter any turtle will teach us to think that there is no one else bothering us as we live our life. This slow-walking species, at least taught me that, You and Your Routine is the best couple in this universe, being committed to it, carry on with your work. This is worth learning from Uncle Sam, to keep a turtle's attitude towards life and especially work.  There is Success waiting for you, your destination is calling you eagerly and the whole world will be yours, only if you learn to walk without bothering others and without getting unnecessarily bothered by others.

Simply... Apply A Turtle's Attitude to Rock your life to achieve SUCCESS.
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